Is natural painless childbirth a myth or reality? Find it out in the new book
The Pregnancy and Birth as an Opportunity to Work on Ourselves
The intent of the book is neither to give universal guidelines nor to compete with the work and methods of Midwives, doulas or other related professions. You won't even find recommendations concerning diet or physical exercise here. Those are pieces of information that you can read in books written by many outstanding authors.
The purpose of the book is to pass on personal experience, to show a slightly different point of view and to introduce pregnancy and birth as the woman's work on her own personal development. We are all holding the birth pain as well as the whole experience of birth in our own hands.

"The book should be welcomed as a golden opportunity to reinforce the power modern physiology has to challenge thousands of years of cultural conditioning. It can help us to be aware of a sudden paradigm shift regarding our understanding of the birth process and particularly our interpretation of labour pain."
From the foreword by Michel Odent, M.D. (author of 13 books including Birth Reborn, Chidbirth and the Future of Homo Sapiens)

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